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Bar Harbor


Bar Harbor is a seasonal port that handles all sizes of passenger vessels.  During the 2018 season (April through November) there are 174 vessels scheduled to call at Bar Harbor.  147 of those vessels will require pilots.


Cruise ship Schedule for 2018 (updated  12-04-17)

Information for arriving vessels (updated 04-11-17)

Bar Harbor 2017 Cruise Ship SOPs


There are two pilot stations for vessels calling at Bar Harbor. For vessels arriving from the east the pilot station is at 44-14.9N 67-56.3W. Vessels coming from the south arrive at 44-03.2N 68-08.6W. Frenchman Bay also has a recommended route that all vessels are requested to follow. Pilots do not stay on station and any change to an arriving vessels ETA must be communicated, by voice, to the pilots directly.


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Bar Harbor is an anchoring port for all but the smallest vessels. Anchorage “A” is the primary anchorage. If two vessels are in port at the same time one vessel will anchor in the “B” anchorage. Which vessel gets to anchor where is determined by the Harbor Master and is not dependent upon who arrives at the pilot station first. Both anchorages have good holding ground and depths of water from 60 to 80’.



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